Data Centre Management Equipment and Infrastructure


NEUPC have awarded the Framework for the Supply, Installation and management of Data Centre Management Equipment and Infrastructure, available to members of NEUPC, LUPC, SUPC, NWUPC, HEPCW, APUC and CPC.


The agreement will run from 13th January 2020 and will run for 2 years, with the option to extend for two further periods each of 12 months.


The scope of the framework is for the provision of any or all elements of the Supply, Installation, maintenance, management and refurbishment of Data Centre Management equipment and Infrastructure, plus the removal and recycling and or safe disposal of Data Centre Management equipment and Infrastructure. The scope includes the maintenance and management of new or existing Data Centre Management equipment and Infrastructure plus the provision of Data Centre related Design and Consultancy services. More information about the products and services covered in the scope can be found on HE Contracts.


The framework is not split into lots and has been awarded to the following suppliers;

Keysource LTD 

Workspace Technology 

Upnorth Engineering Services Limited 

Advanced Power Technology Ltd

2BM Limited


FEL Group Limited 


How will your institution benefit from using the framework?

  • The framework provides access to key suppliers in the respective market and a vast array of manufacturer partners. A rigorous evaluation has been carried out, ensuring high quality suppliers on the framework.
  • Sustainability and CSR issues considered in the evaluation.
  • MI reporting at consortia level will be direct and so within control, improving savings reports for members.
  • Direct control of contract management and reviews at consortia level.
  • A good amount of data centre costing is available for benchmarking purposes via NEUPC.
  • Positive approach to working and building working relationships with the Member Institution
  • Value for money, supplier discounts averaging 18.7% on common basket of goods items
  • Further benefits can be found in the User Guide on HE Contracts.


for more information please contact Paul Eagleton or visit HE Contracts.