New Framework: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Work & Sports Wear

Woman wearing protective headwear, eye and face mask

NEUPC are pleased to announce that the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Work & Sports Wear agreement is now available for members to use.  Tendered by APUC and launched on 1st December, the framework will run for an initial period of 2 years with the option to extend for up to a further 24 months.

There are 8 product lots available in this agreement, which are split by region with the, B option available to members of NEUPC, LUPC, SUPC and HEPCW.  The A option is for APUC members in Scotland.  

  • Lot 1 A/B - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Lot 2 A/B - General Workwear
  • Lot 3 A/B - Catering and Front of House
  • Lot 4 A/B - Sports Clothing
  • Lot 5 A/B - Footwear
  • Lot 6 A/B - Laboratory Coats / Dentistry wear
  • Lot 7 A/B - Specialist PPE
  • Lot 8 A/B - One Stop Shop


Each lot is supported by a Core Product List of frequently used items with fixed pricing and the following added value services:

  • Personalisation / Branding (with the exception of Lot 5 – Footwear)
  • Repair and Takeback for damaged and redundant items
  • Measuring / fitting / issuing services
  • Sustainable / Green / Vegan clothing and footwear options

Appointment to the Framework Agreement was evaluated on a weighting on a ratio of 50% Technical and 50% Commercial so the Framework offers an excellent blend of good quality products and services with competitive pricing. The Framework covered strong sustainability measurement, including fair working practices and supply chain traceability.

Call-off is available via: Ranking and Desktop Evaluation (both Direct Award) or Mini-Competition.

Further details on the agreement including the Buyers Guide, core product price listings and supplier contact details can be found on HE ContractsThe NEUPC Contact for this agreement is our Soft Facilities Management Category Manager, Sam Wells.