Software Licence Resellers Agreement now live

NEUPC members can now access the re-tendered Software Licence Resellers Agreement (SLRA) for their student and staff software needs. The agreement provides a compliant route to market for universities to purchase Microsoft, Adobe, VMWare and other software and related services. Offering a cost-effective procurement option which provides access to a wide range of reputable suppliers, the framework tendered by SUPC expects over £130m in university and public sector spend to be funnelled through the framework during its three-year lifespan. The agreement will run from 22 February 2021 until 22 February 2024, with the option to extend by a further year.
By using the agreement, members will benefit from:
  • Excellent value that takes into account both quality and price
  • An easy and compliant route to the market
  • A large choice of reputable and vetted suppliers
  • Regular framework management of both operations and commerciality, undertaken on your behalf by SUPC
  • Inclusion of structured KPIs to manage supplier performance
  • Access to responsible and sustainable suppliers
  • The ability to buy a range of products through single-source options
  • The ability to consolidate and reduce your supplier base for software licencing
  • New pricing, including consumption-based models, to make sure you’re only charged for what you use
  • A new lot (lot 5), which includes a broader range of services such as cloud optimisation and cloud readiness
  • Access to the Eduserve Chest Agreements, offering competitive pricing to the HE sector
SUPC have created a short presentation which highlights the benefits of the agreement:

The following suppliers have been awarded to the agreement under five lots:
Lot 1 - Microsoft and Associated Services
Awarded Suppliers: Softcat, Phoenix, Civica, Insight, XMA, CDW, SoftwareOne, Bytes, Trustmarque and Pugh
Lot 2A – Adobe Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA)
Awarded suppliers: Academia, CDW, Softcat, SoftwareOne, Phoenix, Bytes
Lot 2B - Adobe Cumulative Licencing Program (CLP) Agreements
Awarded suppliers: Academia, Softcat, CDW, Phoenix, Insight, Bytes
Lot 3 – VMware
Awarded suppliers: Academia, SoftwareOne, XMA, CDW, Phoenix, Softcat
Lot 4 - Other
Awarded suppliers: Academia, Softcat, Phoenix, XMA, CDW, SoftwareOne, Civica, Pugh
Lot 5 – Software Services
Awarded suppliers: Academia, CDW, Civica, XMA, Insight, Phoenix
Full agreement details including how to use the agreement are available on HE Contracts. Should you require any further information about this agreement, please contact Paul Eagleton, NEUPC IT & Telecoms Category Manager.