Sponsored Article: The Importance of Sanitiser Facilities in the workplace


The Importance of Sanitiser Facilities In the Workplace

The need for accessible sanitisation services is becoming part of our life and is crucial for our health. Businesses must try and help stop the spread of COVID-19 by providing suitable hand washing facilities that can be placed in high-traffic areas such as receptions, entrances/exits and busy areas where contamination is expected.

Living through a pandemic has increased anxiety levels of cleanliness in individuals. Therefore, it is important to instil confidence in the public that workspaces will be safe and an enjoyable place to work in. Understandably, studies have shown that most employees want to know there is a plan for re-entering the workplaces. Therefore, employers must ensure that the office is appropriately accommodating and designed to allow social distancing measures and sanitation. Equally, because of the uncertainty, firms are tentative to spend a mass amount of money on a refit, but not all solutions require a lot of upheaval or cost.

Sanitiser Station offer a range of products that can encourage hand cleaning for a variety of commercial and educational environments. They are suitable for external and high-traffic areas such as universities, schools, restaurants, railway stations and shopping precincts where contamination is most common. Our sensor technology means no-touch is required and increases the speed of use to reduce possible congestion. These types of facilities can help transform a potentially dangerous area like a reception to a cleaning station for employees to attend before entering the rest of the premises.

We stock a range of metal and wooden options, for indoor and outdoor use. Our wooden and metal unit can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements and branding, including colours and corporate logo. They both have a lockable door or lid to ensure safety is adhered. They are also DDA compliant meaning they are accessible for all personnel. Our 5L refills contain 70% alcohol and fit in all our units to ensure best value for money and lower maintenance costs. Catering for a max of 4000 doses mean they do not need to be changed regularly.

Because of the importance of sanitiser stations, we have many finance options available. They can be purchased, rented or financed in bulk or singular units. This is both a cashflow and a tax benefit as it moves the cost from a capital expenditure to an overhead. Equally, we offer subsidised prices for all care homes and the NHS.

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