Training Services Provider Framework


Have you considered utilising the National Framework for Training Service Providers?


Launched in 2017, the agreement covers delivery of standard training to the HE sector across a number of areas including IT, Leadership and Management, Personal Development, Compliance, Professional Qualifications and Apprenticeships. In addition, there is also a Managed Training Services Provider Solution.


Designed with input from the Staff Development Forum, the framework aims to provide standard training services, defined as off the shelf, repeat or readily available training programmes.


Members will benefit from significant cost savings of between 10% and 45% depending on requirements, with additional discounts available for additional students.


Multiple suppliers may be appointed through further competition, to fully meet your institution’s needs.


With such a broad scope, the agreement is based around “standard training”, which is defined as off the shelf, repeat or readily available training programmes which in some cases may require a degree of tailoring or adaption to suit the University’s culture or needs.  Suppliers can cover a wide range of external learning interventions including but not exclusively trainer led, classroom or workplace based, vocational activities, blended learning and e-learning for Member Institutions. Training may be delivered on your campus, at the providers premises or third-party locations.


You’ll notice that there is a good mixture of large and small companies appointed to the varying lots:




Due to the wide range of lots and number of suppliers appointed to the framework, we have prepared a supplier biography document to accompany the Buyers Guide, both of which can be found in the Documents section in HE Contracts.


For further information on the Training Services Provider Framework, please contact our Professional Services Category Manager, Rachel Lunn