UKUPC Webinar: Loneliness and Connection

UKUPC free webinar

The latest UKUPC webinar was held in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week and will explore the theme of Loneliness and Connection. The session was hosted by the Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales (HEPCW) on Friday 13 May 2022

Session Synopsis

Our norms of social contact and social connection have been challenged and changed throughout the pandemic. Following the lockdowns, many of us have continued to work from home and continue to miss out on seeing colleagues. We might feel that our opportunities to be with and amongst valued connections have reduced or been lost. But how confident are we in recognising that parts of our experience might be lonely? Could we detect loneliness in another person and know how to support them?

Issues of loneliness are on the rise and they pose a real risk to our mental and physical health. Problems with self-doubt, excessive stress and depression are much more likely to manifest when we feel lonely. Good connections with others and healthy relationships are essential ingredients for good mental health. When we feel belonging, acceptance and understanding from others, we feel comfortable with who we are and see the world more positively.

Catch up with this session as we discuss the ways in which we can identify and address loneliness in ourselves and others.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms of loneliness in yourself and others.
  • How to recognise what loneliness is not.
  • How to identify your needs from personal relationships.
  • How to evaluate the quality of your existing relationships and how your needs are / are not being met.
  • How to connect with others when you cannot physically be with them.
  • How to feel fulfilled at times you feel alone.

The session was facilitated by Zainah Khan of Chakra Corporate Mental Strength. Zainah is an award-winning Psychotherapist and Integrative Counsellor with a decade of experience in therapeutic support and developing the good mental health of people in both the public and private sectors.