YORhub webinar: Constructing Procurement Gold Standards

YORhub webinar

In this session, we will provide an update on areas of best practice taken from the recently published ‘Constructing the Gold Standard - Independent Review of Construction Frameworks’.

Although Constructing the Gold Standard with its 24 recommendations is aimed at construction frameworks, large parts apply to all procurements, i.e. not just construction and not just frameworks.

Constructing the Gold Standard was launched in December 2021, taking the commitments in the Construction Playbook published in December 2020 and showing how they can be implemented. The Construction Playbook is mandatory to all government departments and recommended as best practice for local authorities. It contains 14 key policy reforms to enable ‘faster, better, greener’ construction by transforming how we assess, procure and deliver public works projects and programmes.

It should be noted that the government is looking to mandate areas of the Construction Playbook into legislation that may impact all areas of procurement.

Steve Baxter 

Joint Chair of Operations at YORhub

Steve is a civil engineer with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and a focus on construction procurement since 2000. He is the Chair of the LGA National Procurement Construction Strategy Steering Group, author of the LGA Effective Construction Frameworks report available at www.yorhub.com/resources and a member of many national groups including the National Association of Construction Frameworks, Construction Playbook, various BSI Steering groups and the Constructing Excellence Procurement Group.