Supplier Advertising Opportunities

Our members frequently access our website to find information on agreements (both regional and national), NEUPC and sector news, training and events and procurement resources. We also communicate with our members via our category group meetings, account management visits and regular email digests. We are able to offer suppliers a number of advertising options, including website display advertising and email marketing.


As an approved NEUPC supplier, your company will have successfully won an EU-compliant competition to be part of our supplier community. Although framework agreements do not guarantee any volume of business, NEUPC will exclusively market approved suppliers by:

  • Launching the framework agreement to Members, by including it on our website, monthly e-digest, social media feeds and via direct communication to buyers at our category group member meetings. 
  • Listing your company name and the agreement you supply on our website 
  • Including full details of what you offer in terms of agreed pricing, delivery and quality on our ‘HE Contracts’ database. These details would have been agreed during the tender process 
  • Providing you with a purchasing Category Group contact list, containing contact details of each Member to help with your own marketing activities 
  • Promoting framework agreements to institutions via face-to-face meetings as part of our account-management model 
  • Providing Members with an annual savings and member benefits report, showing their spend with NEUPC suppliers and the typical savings they’ve made 
  • Treating all our suppliers fairly and equally, and encouraging our Members to do the same.

In addition to the above, we offer a variety of advertising options for consortium approved suppliers. Please note that adverts must relate to products and services covered by consortium agreements (either NEUPC or those managed by the other UK purchasing consortia).


Please download our Supplier Marketing Guidance and Advertising Opportunities documents to find out more about our advertising options and costs.

If you would like to book some advertising, or would like more information, please contact our Marketing Manager, Amanda Snowdon on [email protected]