Cleaning Equipment Supply & Maintenance


Agreement Launch News Release


Cleaning Equipment Supply and Maintenance National Agreement Awarded

NEUPC members will have access to a new agreement.


NWUPC has awarded a national framework agreement for Cleaning Equipment Supply and Maintenance.  The agreement will run from 1st March 2019 until 28th February 2021 with the option to extend for two further one year periods, with a potential final expiration of 28th February 2023.

The agreement has been split into lots and awarded to the following suppliers:



Lot 1 –   Cleaning Equipment Supply


Lot 2 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- North West England


Lot 3 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- North East England including Yorkshire


Lot 4 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- East Midlands England


Lot 5 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- Wales


Lot 6 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- West Midlands England


Lot 7 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- East of England


Lot 8 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- Greater London


Lot 9 –   Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- South East England


Lot 10 – Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- South West England


Lot 11 – Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- Northern Ireland


Lot 12 – Cleaning Equipment Maintenance- Scotland



Lot 1 covers the supply of cleaning machines for commercial and professional use in institutions, including the provision of training and product support, along with associated accessories, parts and consumables.  Lots 2-12 cover regional provision of cleaning equipment maintenance and servicing either on a regular, pre-planned basis or, on a reactive, ad hoc repair basis as required by Member Institutions.



Benefits of the agreement include:

  • Savings are generated by harnessing the buying power of all the participating consortia Members.
  • A multi Supplier Framework Agreement will ensure that Suppliers remain competitive through the life of the Framework Agreement; and
  • Members have an OJEU compliant route to the market.
  • The Framework Agreement saves the member time and resource through reducing the process to contract with the supplier.  Members can Call-Off from the Framework Agreement through Direct Award or Further Competition saving considerable resources and thus providing savings to Members in terms of tendering costs.
  • Consistent terms and conditions, including the provision of an SLA for use at further competition
  • NWUPC will be the Contract Manager for the Framework providing support to institutions and updates on market intelligence.



Thanks to the Tender Working Party Members for their time, invaluable knowledge and support.


For more information, including the Buyer’s Guide, please visit the HE Contracts Database.


For further information please contact Sam Wells, Category Manager, [email protected]