Creditsafe Announces Improvements to Company Credit Scores



"With greater predictability comes less risk"




Creditsafe's credit scores have always predicted the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent. The latest enhancements allow predictions of more insolvencies, ensuring reduced risk exposure when extending credit to UK companies. 


Benefits of the new score:


No changes need to be made if you are a user of the business credit reports. From December, you will notice changes to the scores of companies you monitor. The new score will continue to accurately predict the likelihood of the company becoming insolvent in the coming year.

Based on key risk factors some companies may receive a revised credit score. With greater predictability Creditsafe can offer increased lending limits to more businesses, as well as confidently scoring more companies. 



Need more information?


Visit the Creditsafe scorecard page, containing useful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions, and learn how Creditsafe predict business failures.


Get your detailed report on the companies you are monitoring, detailing the old score, new score and any credit limit changes. 


Register your interest in the scorecard seminars which will be taking place across the UK in the coming months. More details will be available soon. 



For more information please contact Andy Hughes.