Developing a carbon reduction plan for SMEs

Developing a carbon reduction plan for SMEs

UKUPC Releases Carbon Reduction Guidance for SMEs Supplying the HE Sector on Final Day of COP26

To support the well-being of future generations UKUPC Responsible Procurement Group have developed a carbon reduction plan for SMEs to help minimise the impact of the HE sectors activities on the environment.

Keep 1.5 alive has been the call throughout COP26, which holds its final day of activity on Friday. To mark the end of a summit characterised by calls for action instead of PR-driven pledges, UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC), of which NEUPC is a member, has released its carbon reduction plan for SMEs. This guidance aims to help minimise the impact of the HE sector’s activities on the environment.  
While large suppliers may have the resources (if not always the will) to significantly lower their carbon emissions, it can be hard for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who may have limited expertise and financial or human resources to deliver meaningful change.
Larger suppliers already have to report their emissions, but the bulk of organisations supplying the HE sector in the UK are SMEs – changes within this supply base can have a meaningful impact.  
The guidance, which is being shared with all awarded SME frameworks suppliers, covers:
  • Why carbon reduction is important
  • Why the HE sector wants suppliers to commit to a carbon reduction plan
  • The benefits of having a carbon reduction plan
  • Ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Steps in developing a plan
  • Suggested template
  • Useful resources
  • Key terms glossary

Members can also use this guidance with suppliers that sit outside of consortia frameworks. 

Access the complete guidance here.
UKUPC is a partnership between eight UK consortia (APUCAPUC, HEPCWHEPCW, LUPCLUPC, NEUPCNEUPC, NWUPCNWUPC, SUPCSUPC, TEC and TUCOTUCO) who created a formal entity to support collaborative procurement within Higher and Further Education. All eight consortia work together to share knowledge and best practice, to support each other, our wider procurement community and our supply base.