IPR Services Webinar Series #2



We have partnered up with suppliers appointed to the Intellectual Property Rights Framework to deliver a range of specialised webinars for your IP teams. The webinars have been tailored to reflect matters in the HE-sector and will be released weekly.

If you missed the previous webinar, in which Professional Services Category Manager, Rachel Lunn provides an overview of the IPR framework, you can view it here.



Welcome to the IPR Webinar Series

Appleyard Lees are appointed to the NEUPC IPR framework and we’re delighted to launch the first webinar of the IPR series:

Managing Inventorship and Ownership of Patents:  common pitfalls and the importance of getting it right

“Working in an academic institution, where often, historically at least, the primary focus has been, and for many researchers still is, on peer reviewed journal publications, it can be all too easy to assume that the process for identifying inventorship of a patent is the same as for identifying authorship of a journal article.  However, this is dangerous trap.  Identifying inventorship involves applying a distinct and detailed legal test.  We will demystify the relevant steps of the test and provide attendees with the confidence to identify issues early and avoid problems further down the line.”

The webinar consists of interactive case studies, along with strategic advice and practical tips, allowing the attendees to avoid the common pitfalls and work towards putting in place best practice to successfully manage the assessment of inventorship and ownership of patents in academia.

Chris Mason and Andrew McKinlay, Senior Associates at Appleyard Lees will discuss the following:

  • The principles underlying the assessment of inventorship, with an emphasis on the pitfalls that can arise from inventorship in collaborations.
  • Where to file – how does the nationality and resident status of the inventor impact on where a patent application can be filed.
  • Confidentially – what impact can collaboration agreements and non-disclosure agreements have on the information that can be included in a patent application.
  • The principles underlying the assessment of ownership, with an emphasis on the employment status of academic employees and the pros/cons of joint ownership.


We hope you find this webinar useful and would love to hear your feedback on the IPR Webinar Series. Please drop your comments to [email protected].


Appleyard Lees Key Contacts:

Chris Mason: [email protected]

Andrew McKinlay: [email protected]


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