Intellectual Property Rights Services

Intellectual Property Rights Services

NEUPC are pleased to announce the award of the Intellectual Property Rights Services Provider framework agreement. The agreement provides members with access to suppliers who can provide legal advice and guidance, licensing and registration services on all matters relation to the creation, development and production of patents, trademarks, copyright, design rights, trade secrets and intellectual property rights.


The framework is presented in 5 lots:


Lot 1 – Non-patentable IPR services
This includes copyright, trademarks, design rights, renewals and other services. There are 12 suppliers awarded to this lot.


Lot 2 – Engineering and Physical Sciences
This lot focuses on IPR services relating to the areas of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  This includes Engineering (mechanical, robotic, electronic, electrical, aerospace, hydro, wind and tide, energy, civil etc). There are 12 suppliers awarded to this lot.


Lot 3 – Chemistry and Biosciences.
This lot encompasses chemistry, chemical engineering and biofuels, medicine, dentistry and biomedical science, along with pharmacy, biological sciences and health and nutrition. There are 12 suppliers awarded to this lot.


Lot 4 – Patent, design & trademark renewal service
There are 5 suppliers awarded to this lot, providing the above services.


Lot 5 – One Stop Shop
The 10 suppliers appointed to this lot can provide services from all of the lots on a national basis.


Awarded on the 31st August 2018, this agreement will run for 3 years with a possible 12-month extension.


Full details of the agreement are available on HE Contracts. For further information please contact Rachel Lunn.