UKUPC Biannual Newsletter - Issue 01

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Many of you will have heard about the various collaborative activities being undertaken across consortia on behalf of members.

You may not be aware of the number of national working groups in operation that regularly work to coordinate activities to deliver greatest value to members. The banner under which the consortia work together nationally, is called UK Universities Purchasing Consortia, or UKUPC. The first edition of the UKUPC newsletter, highlights the collaboration underway across a range of specialist areas through the operation of four focused working groups: the Heads of Consortia Group, Joint Contracting Group, Consortia Information Systems Strategy Group and Communications Group. 


UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC) Newsletter 01.


Please take a few moments to read the newsletter and gain a better understanding of the remit of these groups and how they work to support better procurement across the UK HE sector.

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