Catch up on our latest webinar: Delivering Net Zero in Supply Chain Contracts

NEUPC Category Manager Matt Johnson and Becky Annison Director of Engagement at the Chancery Lane Project discussed Delivering Net Zero in Supply Chain Contracts on Friday 27th January.

HE procurement colleagues were invited for another discussion with The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) a collaborative initiative of international legal and industry professionals whose vision is a world where every contract enables solutions to climate change,

Becky Annison talked about using contracts as a delivery mechanism for net zero and how Supply Chains and Procurement have a huge role to play in making this happen. 

TCLP has 120 free contract clauses on its website created by some of the best legal minds in the UK to help you get climate change done.

Becky discussed the principles of using contracts, example clauses and case studies from organisations like The Environment Agency, which is already doing this successfully. We know that the sector has a genuine drive to reduce its carbon footprint, which impacts directly either through institutional targets or via their suppliers and supply chains; by using TCLP-free clauses, we believe it will help us to direct and manage suppliers to our collaborative goal. 

For any further questions please contact our Category Manager Matt Johnson [email protected]